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Organic commendation

The european organic seal

The europeean organic seal is an europeanwide norm for organic cultivation.

Products which contain this seal have to fulfill certain qualifications:

  • At least 95% weight of the ingredients have to be from organic cultivation
  • They only may contain a few certain additives and only natural flavouring
  • The usage of genetically modified organism (GMO) is prohibited
  • The chartered codenumber from the regulatory authority, which is responsible for the inspection of the companies, has to be printed on the packaging

The national german organic seal can be added on the packaging additonally to the european organic seal - also after the european seal's coming into effect

Capri-Sonne Bio-Schorly fulfills the qualifications for both organic seals and therefor contains the german and european organic seal 

Further informations on the Bio-Schorly Homepage