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Monitoring quality

Quality control by Institut Fresenius

Quality and natural ingredients are always top of the list in the Capri-Sun production process.

One thing you can always rest assured of with Capri-Sun: there is no trace of any artificial sweeteners, artificial aromas or any colouring or preservatives. This quality pledge is clearly visible for consumers on all packaging.

Fruit that is processed for Capri-Sun must meet the highest taste and quality standards. Capri-Sun ensures top quality by extensively testing the fruit on delivery, during production and in a final quality control process.

The renowned official seal granted to us by the independent Institut Fresenius confirms that we uphold our quality promise.

Institut Fresenius works according to the following principles:

Independence and neutrality: The renowned independent Institut Fresenius stands for quality and safety. For over 30 years, consumers have been able to trust the tests that the Institut Fresenius conducts.

Highest quality standards: All of the products which apply for the right to bear the Institut Fresenius seal of quality are subjected to thorough examination. This means Institut Fresenius not only tests the finished product, it also closely monitors every step in the production process, from obtaining raw materials to filling the pouches.

Transparency: The Institut Fresenius test protocols can be reviewed at any time, which means that the public has ready access to data. It is these principles that have made the Institut Fresenius seal of quality one of the most important awards a product in Germany can receive. You can find further information about Institut Fresenius and its analyses of Capri-Sun at the Institut Fresenius website.