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Product portfolio

How many kinds of Capri-Sonne are there?

The various flavors within the Capri-Sonne product range are constantly changing. In addition to classics like Orange, Cherry, Cola-Mix and Multivitamin, there are also adventure flavors like Safari Fruits and Power Team. The Tall Capri-Sonne in a reclosable 0.33L pouch is available in Multivitamin, Orange & Peach, Pink Grapefruit and Red Fruits & Lemon. All flavors of the Tall Capri-Sonne contain 30% less sugar than comparable fruit juice drinks.

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Why are new flavors launched on a regular basis?

Capri-Sonne classics like Orange and Cherry are always available. Capri-Sonne responds to current trends by offering adventure flavors like Safari Fruits or Power Team and is constantly introducing new taste sensations. In addition, Capri-Sonne's goal is to suit the local palate in every region throughout the world.

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Which Capri-Sonne flavors came first?

Capri-Sonne started out in 1969 with Orange and Lemon, followed by Apple.

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How many countries have Capri-Sonne?

Children in over 110 countries drink Capri-Sonne. Our headquarters in Heidelberg produce it for the German market and many other parts of Europe. Beyond that, Capri-Sonne is also manufactured in more than 20 other countries like the US, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, China and Ukraine.

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Why doesn't Capri-Sonne taste the same in every country?

Capri-Sonne is not a standardized product that is made using the same recipe everywhere. Instead, the goal is to meet regional preferences. The fruit-juice concentrates and flavorings in Capri-Sonne are adapted to please local palates.

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