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Who designed the Capri-Sonne pouch?

The company founder Rudolf Wild created the Capri-Sonne pouch. He was inspired by a similar kind of packaging he came across in France. Today, the Capri-Sonne pouch is patent-protected and unique in quality.

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What sizes does the packaging come in?

The classic Capri-Sonne pouch with a straw holds 0.2 liters, and in 2006, the tall Capri-Sonne was launched, a reclosable 0.33 liter pouch.

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Why is Capri-Sonne only sold in a pouch?

The pouch is Capri-Sonne's hallmark. It is light, stable, practical and environmentally friendly, which means there is no deposit on it.
The pouch consists of a razor-thin laminate material which protects the drink inside from light, oxidation and odors. The foil is tear-resistant and sturdy despite its thinness.

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What is the pouch made of?

The pouch foil is made of synthetics and aluminum. The synthetic material gives it the necessary stability and hygienic safety, while the aluminum protects the sensitive contents of the pouch from oxygen and light.
At 8 micrometers, the aluminum layer is so thin that it would take a stack of 125 sheets to create a thickness of one millimeter. The classic Capri-Sonne pouch weighs a mere 4.33g, including the straw, which means that it's lighter than a normal sheet of A4 paper. Even though it is so light and thin, the pouch is stable, doesn't break when it's dropped and won't burst in the freezer.

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Is the Capri-Sonne pouch environmentally friendly?

The Capri-Sonne pouch is as just as environmentally friendly as a recyclable bottle, according to the independent Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu). The institute analyzed the environmental effects of the pouch — everything from obtaining the raw materials to manufacturing and using the packaging right down to disposal. The environmental ministry confirmed the assessment.

Energy consumption is kept as low as possible during production. The amount of material needed to produce a Capri-Sonne pouch is minimal. Even though the glass bottle is refilled around 25 times and the pouch is only filled once, the same total amount of resources is needed to manufacture both kinds of packaging for 1000 liters of fruit-juice beverage. You can see how little material is used when the time comes to dispose of the pouch. When you cut up the pouch including the straw, all of the scraps fit inside the lid of a (disposable) bottle. The best way to recycle the Capri-Sonne pouch is to put it in the "Green Dot" dual recycling system (or the recycling program in your country).

There are also logistical advantages to putting more product in less packaging. A truck full of Capri-Sonne has 93.9% beverage and only 6.1% packaging, while the same truck carrying recyclable packaging holds only 47.7% beverage and a whopping 52.3% packaging.
Why don't I have to pay a bottle deposit for Capri-Sonne?
Packaging that is environmentally friendly is exempt from deposit. Environmental impact is what determines whether packaging is considered to be ecologically friendly. Capri-Sonne's low environmental impact was reviewed by renowned research institutes and confirmed by the German Federal Environment Agency.

In 2001, the independent Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu) prepared an impact review of Capri-Sonne's pouch and presented it to the German Federal Environment Agency. Their findings compared the Capri-Sonne pouch with two kinds of recyclable packaging the government had already labeled environmentally friendly: composite cardboard and recyclable glass bottles. They found that all three kinds of packaging were equivalent to each other from an environmental perspective.

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How do I dispose of the Capri-Sonne pouch?

The best way to recycle the Capri-Sonne pouch is to put it in the "Green Point" dual recycling system (or the recycling program in your country).

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How does Capri-Sonne make its way into the pouch?

The fruit-juice beverage is filled at over 80°C, which keeps Capri-Sonne fresh for longer and prevents it from needing any additional preservatives. The pouch is then closed air-tight, and the straw is glued on. The next step is to put the individual pouches in a box. Specially designed machines perform these production processes.

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