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Corporate social responsibility / sponsoring

Which projects does Capri-Sonne support?

Capri-Sonne is especially popular among active children and teenagers between the ages of six and fifteen. Above and beyond the product itself, the brand demonstrates social responsibility for this target group in many different ways. Capri-Sonne is most involved in the fields of promoting a healthy diet, exercise and social skills.

One of the projects Capri-Sonne has been supporting for years is the Ballschool. Another project came from Capri-Sonne's concern about the high numbers of elementary-school children who can't swim; in response it initiated its swiming program in 2004 to improve the situation. And the Capri-Sonne violence-prevention project "Strong kids are fair" is designed to sensitize elementary-school children to the often innocent ways that violence can begin. Special teaching material was developed especially for this purpose. The Capri-Camp is another way to help get kids fit for the futures. Capri-Sonne has created a vacation full of adventure and learning in which children deal with the topics of diet, exercise and creativity.

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Can I request sponsoring material for a club, a program, institution or event?

Unfortunately not. Our budget is limited, and our involvement in various activities is planned on a long-term basis. This means we cannot take other projects into consideration as well. We focus on our own sponsoring work as well as the long-term efforts we have already committed to. As part of these arrangements, we have been supporting select charitable organizations and our own initiatives for several years. Unfortunately no involvement is possible beyond that.

Here's a suggestion, though: take part in our Capri-Sonne "swimming for UNICEF" program. Host a swimathon: at least half of the proceeds go to the UNICEF "Schools for Africa" program, while the rest benefits your club, elementary school or project. Further information can be found here.

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