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Company & history

When and where was Capri-Sonne created?

In the mid-1960's, company founder Rudolf Wild had the idea of selling a soft drink in an entirely different kind of packaging than usual. A sales manager from France brought along a stand-up pouch with a three-component composite foil, and Rudolf Wild was immediately delighted by the possibilities it presented.
In 1969, the fruit-juice beverage with the brand name Capri-Sonne started production in Eppelheim. Its hallmark was the fact that its newfangled packaging contained nothing but natural ingredients. The first Capri-Sonne in a 0.2 liter pouch was sold in the flavors Orange and Lemon; Apple followed soon after.

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How did Capri-Sonne get its name?

Capri-Sonne is a German product that was created in the 1960s. At that time, the island of Capri was the ultimate symbol of vacation, the Mediterranean and sun-ripened fruits. Giving the fruit-juice beverage a name that merged Capri and sunshine (which is Sonne in German) was the ideal choice.

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Where does the parent company, SiSi-Werke, get its name?

The Latin term "sine spiritu" (without alcohol) led to the name SiSi. It expresses the Heidelberg-based corporation's philosophy of manufacturing non-alcoholic soft drinks.

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How did Capri-Sonne become famous across the globe?

The owner, Dr. Hans-Peter Wild, racked up a major victory in 1979. He managed to convince heavyweight boxing world champion Muhammad Ali to come aboard as a spokesperson; until this time, Ali had turned down all other endorsement offers. Muhammad Ali's international popularity brought Capri-Sonne attention across the planet. Most notably, Capri-Sonne's success in the Middle East and Asia can be attributed to this ad campaign.

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Where can I find information about Capri-Sonne in other countries?

You can find all of the links to international Capri-Sonne pages at www.capri-sonne.com.

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Could you please send me information about your company / its history for my term paper or thesis?

Due to the huge numbers of requests we receive from the academic world, unfortunately we cannot respond to each query individually. However, our webpage provides a great deal of information about the company and the Capri-Sonne brand.