Strong kids are fair!

Robin, age 6, 1st grade:

“I don't like sports! I can't run that fast, and I'm not that strong. No one wants me on their team because I'm the worst. I'd rather not ever go back!”

Tabea, age 9, 4th grade:

"There are kids in our class at school whose parents don't have that much money. Their clothes are old and not so cool. That doesn't bother me, but a lot of people give them a hard time about it. That isn't nice at all!”

Ben, age 7, 2nd grade:

"The big boys at our school are really mean. I always make sure I don't have to be alone when I walk by them. If I don't, they call me names. I wish it were different!"

Julia, age 8, 3rd grade:

"Not everyone gets along well in our class. Some of the girls always whisper and giggle about other people. I think that's mean. It would be better if everyone got along!"
Are there stories like this you could tell about your class or your school? If you think the mood could be better at your school and some of the kids should be nicer to their classmates, we have a suggestion for you: "Strong kids are fair!" This Capri-Sonne campaign takes place in class and teaches you how people should deal with each other and their own feelings. It's really interesting, and it helps make school twice as much fun! Send a suggestion to your teacher to let them know that you'd like to do the project in class — you just have to enter their email address. If you don't know it, ask your parents for help.