Pouch tennis

Here's a little suggestion about how you can use two Capri-Sonne pouches to play a cool game at the beach, the pool or your back yard.

How to play:

Tape two empty Capri-Sonne pouches together with a strip of tape.
Set the pouches you have taped together into a V shape and put a small ball between them. You can also use an eraser or some other soft object.
Now yank the pouches apart, and the ball will fly.

If you're playing alone:

Try to catch the ball with pouches. Keep a tight grip on the pouches and loosen them a little at the moment of impact to absorb the energy of the blow. Then tighten your grip again so you can pick up the ball. Try to repeat as many times as you can.

If there are two of you playing:

Create two "rackets" and try to volley the ball back and forth as often as you can without letting it touch the ground.