Pool game - "The sultan is thirsty"

When it gets really hot in summer, there's really only one thing you can do: head for the pool and cool off in the water. But it's much more fun when you and your friends can play a game with each other in the water, like "The sultan Is thirsty!"

What you need:

A few empty Capri-Sonne pouches, preferably from different flavors, although you can also use several pouches of the same kind.

How to play:

Blow up the empty pouches and put them at the end of the pool or tub. Go to the other end and draw straws to see who goes first. The person who starts calls out the phrase, which will be something like, "The Sultan is thirsty for …. orange!" Now everyone has to try to grab a pouch of Capri-Sonne Orange and bring it back to the starting line. Stay with that phrase until all of the pouches of that flavor have been fished out of the water. Make a note of which kinds are still in the tub. People who call for the wrong kind have to put a pouch back in the water. The winner is the person who has collected the most pouches.

Please note:

Non-swimmers can play this game in chest-high water. If you already know how to swim, then of course you can play this in a regular pool. But please make sure there's always someone watching out for you. If something happens, an adult will be able to help.

The Capri-Sonne swimming program:

If you feel like having even more fun swimming, then tell your gym teacher about the Capri-Sonne swimming program. On the page www.schwimmoffensive.de (German only) there are plenty of swimming tips for children, parents and teachers.