Bike rodeo

If you want to do cool stunts on your mountain bike, you need to have a command of the basics first. Here are a few examples of how to put together your own bike rodeo where you can practice your skills on your bike.

Slow riding

You only have to do 3-5 lengths of about one meter each. The challenge is to go the whole stretch as slowly as possible without falling over. Every time you fall down, two seconds are added to your time as a penalty. A friend can count your mistakes and time you, and then you can switch.

Going in circles

Draw a very tight circle with a diameter of around 3 meters. Your job is to do as many circles as you can without crossing over the line or getting off your bike. You get a point for every other round you complete. A Capri-Sonne is in the middle of the circle – if it gets knocked over, it costs you three penalty points.


The task is to draw a chalk rectangle (around 30 cm wide and nearly 2 meters long) and stand in it on your bike for as long as you can without having to get off. You get one point for every five-second interval you start.


There are two Capri-Sonne pouches on the ground that you have to pick up while riding on your bike and put into a basket.


A soccer ball has to be shot into a goal — either use your foot or only use your front tire (2 extra points for each goal).

Please note:

You should always wear a helmet when you ride a bike, even when you're just doing the exercises here. A helmet not only protects your head, it looks cool, too. If you want more information about safety training for young cyclists, ask your parents to order you our video "Sicher zur Schule" (German only) here.